• Downsize and De-Clutter

    I will sit with you to sort through mounds of papers, help organize and file receipts, bills and important documents. Organize and/or downsize all areas of your home, kitchen, attic, basement, garage, dressers, and closets by using creative ideas and solutions will add spaces to needed areas. Then help pack and arrange the delivery of unwanted items to be sent to charity of your choice, estate sales or a consignment shops.

  • Gardening

    At Bee of Assistance, customized outdoor furniture, landscaping and backyard designing are just a few of our many services. Front yards, back yards, and any inch of your home can be decorated to your personal preference. Moreover, gardening is one of our specialties whether it is maintaining your own personal garden or improving it. Below you can see pictures of gardens, flowers, and interior and exterior decorating projects created by Bee of Assistance. Whatever your needs are, we can meet, discuss your needs, and design a project that is right for you! Gardens can be maintained seasonally or annually if you are away on business or vacation depending on your specific case. Furthermore, tasks like weeding and feeding your plants are just a few of the many services that we offer.
    • Maintaining your flower beds
    • Improving plants and taking care of them while you are on vacation
    • House sitting: watering, weeding and feeding plantĀ 

    *In regards to creating a new garden, Bee of Assistance has businesses that can be contacted for service.

  • Errand Services

    Listed below are the varieties of services that are provided. Bee of Assistance provides services, such as: grocery shopping, service or repair waiting, individual errands, department store shopping, pharmacy trips, UPS & FEDEX drop-off and pick-ups, car cleaning, dry cleaning pick up & drop off, gift wrapping, gift baskets, flower ordering and delivery, item returns and courier services.
    • Grocery Shopping: Groceries can be picked up, delivered and put away for you.
    • Service or Repair Waiting: Will be there for you for telephone, cable, satellite, appliance repair, etc can all be taken care of whether you are out of town, at work or just having a busy day.
    • Personal Shopping: Clothing and presents of all sorts can be picked up and delivered to your house in just a few hours. Furthermore, holiday wrapping and delivery is another service that Bee of Assistance provides to you.

  • House Services

    House services provided by Bee of Assistance include: meal delivery service, household arrangements, house sitting, wait service (being at your home for service personnel, such as cable, phone or repair), household car and repair estimates, and arranging personal training.

    Cooking: Meal preparation is a service where you specifically choose the menu and it is cooked within your own personal home.

  • Planning & Holiday Decorating

    Bee of Assistance provides seasonal decorating and party planning. These services can help by making your holidays/ events all run smoothly. Our professional services consist of decorating your home, a tree, a door, putting up decorations and lights, festively decorating dining tables and dining rooms. Event and party planning services are compromised of sending out invitations, tablescaping, food/drink ordering, flowers, holiday card address labels and party favors.

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    Real Estate Staging

    Overall, we can prepare your home for sale with the following professional services. Bee of Assistance provides organizing, de-cluttering, home staging, lightening and brightening, landscaping, advising the replacement of furniture and appliances, and painting of items and furniture, suggestions for updating kitchens and baths. Our services strive to improve the general image of the interior and exterior of the home.

    More specifically, real estate staging and moving assistance includes assistance with packing, staging the house, finding a realtor or mortgage broker, redesigning and reorganizing the home, quotes for moving services, and organizing a garage sale for items that need to be resold. Additionally, professional services are comprised of buying fresh flowers, live plants and other decorations to improve the aesthetics of the home. Moving furniture and redesigning rooms to make them look larger are just a few of our many talents when doing real estate staging. These professional services will add ease to the selling of your home and Bee of Assistance provides services to make this event less stressful.